Thursday, 15 March 2007

Zimmerman serendipity

There is a much more peaceful atmosphere in the Mog household today. Good things are happening. I had an email from Leslie at ( must learn how to do shortcuts to blogs. ) with a fingerless glove pattern. I'm going to London this weekend and it will be in my knitting bag along with some of my mother's woolly gems. There was another treat from the USA today, a package from with two shiny new knitting books. The package arrived enclosed in a lovely sealed white sack which has already been passed as a potential cat cave by Magnus. The cardboard box in the sack made me smile, with what looks like the Zimmerman seal of approval for my purchases. Inside the box was a copy of EZ's Knitting Workshop along with Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting. Both books are out of print in the UK and super-expensive to buy second hand. Within moments I was on the sofa with a cup of tea and a wealth of knitting experience to soak up.

Later on there was a flurry of organisation when Archie looked through his box of receipts - the theory is that he keeps them till the amount on the card has appeared on our bank statement but in practice, they just sit in a box for nearly two years until I remind him they are there. Typical, he looked through them, checking for potential discrepancies and tutting over the amount of receipts with the full credit card number on them, ripe for the bad guys to steal. With me on the other end of the sofa, looking at a growing pile of paper thinking. Hmmm, whites and blues, just what I need for Project Spectrum. At the end of the financial marathon, I asked Archie what his favourite receipts in the pile were -

1. The receipt for registering our marriage with the local council. (Yellow paper on front left hand side.)
2. Dinner at the Inn at Lochaillort on our honeymoon.
3. A pair of shoes and a linen suit worn at our wedding.

Sometimes he knows just the right thing to say. In case you were wondering why he didn't choose the receipt for my wedding dress, that's because I paid cash. Twelve whole pounds.


laura said...

12 pounds?!? You have piqued my curiosity.

magnusmog said...

It was a second hand dress for a very low-key wedding. I'll post a photo in time for our second anniversay!

a friend to knit with said...

:) And yeah to the zimmerman books! would love to see that dress! :)