Friday, 27 March 2009

Dangerous tomato

It's been a quiet old week here in Mog Towers. I have been slumped over a pair of circular needles trying to finish off Archie's jumper before the summer arrives and renders it obsolete. Heavy work, and I don't just mean the short rows. A whole man sized pile of yarn is hard on the wrists. It fits and is liked which makes up for the pain and swearing that accompanied the knitting of it.

My other main achievement this week was making enough lasagne of the veggie variety to feed about twenty people. I started off making a big pot of puy lentil and tomato sauce only to be attacked by a tube of tomato puree. Dangerous things tomatoes.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Just a little green.....

It is feeling wonderfully springy around Mog Towers. I've been joining in with Lolly's Project Spectrum again this year and currently the colour theme is green. We have a lot of green going on. Green shoots and green fingers. The ladybirds are waking up, the gardening gloves have been dusted off, their fingers checked for errant spiders and it is nearly warm enough to sit and knit outside. As long as you wear three pairs of socks and a balaklava that is.

I've been spinning green for Project Spectrum, trying to gather up the colours of spring into a few hundred grams of yarn. Some purple and lilac have sneaked in too in honour of the crocus flowers who are one of the first blooms to make me smile each year.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sorry Burglars.

There has been little blog activity in the last wee while on account of my not being here. The lad and I left Magnus in the tender care of Sylvia and went off to look after other people's pets instead. I didn't like to mention it in adavance in case I have a following of blog reading burlgars.

Jazz the dog and Leo the snake belong to friends of ours lucky enough to be going on holiday and thus in need of animal sitters. We had a lovely time in a house filled with books, sunlight and learning. Our holiday home is conveniently situated between a railway line and the sea which allows the guest to hear both the sounds of waves and the 3.30 to Aberdeen. It was remarkably peaceful for a house normally occupied by two grown ups and three rambunctious boys.

The dog played football and went for walks along the beach. The snake writhed around a bit. One sticky moment came when I went to the freezer to get some emergency bread and found a plastic bag next to the ice cream tubs. It was filled with mice ( rats? I didn't stick around to tell the difference ) and chicks. Cold, hard and dead just waiting to be defrosted for Leo's tea. As a wise friend later said, that could almost put you off ice cream. Almost.