Monday, 24 September 2012


                                        Sometimes all I need is a day in my pajamas watching the weather change.

Flowers courtesy of my lad.  Rain courtesy of the Heavens.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I think it must be autumn.

Thing are changing.

The robin has moved back into the garden from the woods calling out his territorial claims in the sweetest manner. It always amuses me that the song I find so appealing is really a bloodthirsty reminder to the other robins that this seat is taken. Another noise in the village at the moment is the sound of the combine harvesters. Over the last few weeks the air has started to smell toasty as the fields ripen and thankfully we now have weather good enough for the harvesters to do their stuff. Their work doesn't stop, you can hear the far away rumblings throughout the night as the farmers make the most of the dry spell.

Mini Combs, my new best friends.

There has been some harvesting in the gardens and woods too, with friends bringing gifts of wild mushrooms, blackberries and some courgettes that were left on the stalk so long that they are mammoth marrows. I've taken to making hot chocolate in the evening and reading books about spinning and quilt making. The temptation to hibernate is very strong but I'm planning to work on some spinning before sleep takes over.  A local farm has some beautiful Jacob sheep and I was lucky enough to get a fleece. I'm slowly working my way through it, separating the colours and spinning them individually in the hopes that one day it will become a wonderful Fair Isle jumper. Patience will be required and I hope, rewarded.

Magnus, always willing to help.

Socks glowing in the Autumn sun.