Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shedding some light.

I didn't sit there all the time, honest.

Much of last week was spent in darkened rooms. It was one of the most enlightening weeks of the year. I saw Iceland, Alaska, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, France, Norfolk, Germany and Australia. There were scenes of Gothic terror, exuberant dancing and utter incredulity.  Sentimental sniffs and moments of such anger that the tears dried on my face.  I was minded of a Mindfulness saying - Don't just do something - sit there. Sometimes the best way to learn is to stay still. Thank you very much Glasgow Film Festival.
Our festival headquarters were on the Southside of the town courtesy of my stepdaughter Caroline, in her flat filled with books and crafty things. It is very easy to feel at home there. We were able to catch up with some friends and relations too and I indulged my love of Fazzi's pizza far too many times than was good for me.

You can hardly see the buttons but they do match the ring.

A handknitted cloth and the new ring.

In other news, I finished a cardigan. Made from four ply that my Sister in Law gave me late last year. I added the orange from my own yarn collection and the buttons were a lucky find in the button box. An even luckier find was this ring that I bought in a charity shop. It goes perfectly.
Sometimes I wonder if my colour choices are a bit odd, but then I look out of the window and this happens. I think Spring might be nearly here. I heard the first frog of the year plop into our little pond today.  

I love this - the pink light was so strong that it changed the colour of the living room walls.