Saturday, 12 March 2011

Off on a Spree

Magnus can tell that something is up. There are piles to be sorted and passports to be located.  You see,  I'm off on a spree, visiting an old friend in Boston and then meeting up with Mary Jane for a mini road trip and some serious knitting time.  Although I can't wait to go, I do have some questions:

 1. Can you ever take too much knitting on holiday?

2. Am I being paranoid to want to take pictures of my socks before I go in case they get lost over the Atlantic and I have to claim BIG on the insurance?

3. Could I put my socks in my hand luggage? All of them? Where would I put my books, my wallet, my passport?

4. Why is the cat sitting on my travel insurance documents? What does he know about the risk to my socks?

5. Where is my passport?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March sunshine.

I've just finished closing all the windows in the house which is an unlikely cause for celebration. But the windows have been open all day and I have  been sitting in the garden in what I seem to remember is called sunshine. Today is the first of March and spring has arrived. Hopefully it will stick around.

Last Friday saw me make my not-quite-acting debut.  I have been knitting a jumper for a film called Dummy Jim and Matt the director and his trusty cameraman Ian came along to document my part in the story. Everything was going so well until  Magnus showed his photogenic side and upstaged me. My knitting will still appear but there is a chance it will be joined by some feline filming. Typical!