Thursday, 8 March 2007

Cats and Bees

It was the monthly Knitting Bee last night and I was the hostess. I managed to make chocolate brownies that were so squidgy that they couldn't be cut into squares and only managed to redeem themselves by being spooned into bowls and eaten with ice cream. The talk of the night had to be one bee attendee whose 13 year old son managed to get himself banned from the school computer lab by sending an email to a local member of the Scottish Parliament warning him that he was in danger of being assassinated by Alex Salmond the Scottish National Party leader. As the email arrived at the MSP's office in the Scottish Parliament it had to be taken seriously and the CID/police visited the young man in question and he now has to write letters of apology to the politians involved. I'd love to see those letters!

Magnus was also a complete disgrace. He started by hogging the best chair and then leaping on the leg of the bee attender who had the temerity to remove him. Not content with that he then waited until coffee and squidge brownies were served and when attention turned back to knitting ( or in one case tapestry, we don't discriminate in the Bee ), he sneaked up to the table and stuck his whole head in the milk jug. Luckily that much misbehaviour tired him out and he spent the rest of the night sitting on patterns and my log cabin mini blanket.

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Miss Frugality said...

Magnus has his "butter wouldn't melt"
face on for these! Thanks for suggesting the pattern website.I'm just going to check it out :-)