Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For Those in Peril On the Sea - A Hymn to The Fisherman's Mission.

Local Salmon with locally sourced wild mushrooms.
Where it all happens.
Langoustine, one of the area's best catches.

It was the Lochinver RNLI Fun Day on Saturday but we were late arriving and most of the fun had already been packed up.  I managed to buy a book and to dodge the wet stuff  dripping from folks who were raising money by having soggy sponges thrown at them. Dangerous stuff water,  as the people of this area know all too well.  For many years there was a Fishermans' Mission supporting the town and that building has now been transformed into a community venture with a bunkhouse and the most wonderful cafe.  I'll be coming back very soon and next time I'm having chips!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Heading North.

Borage and a bee.

Redcurrants and their insect tormentors.

Euphorbia - grows everywhere but I love it.

Inkle Braid.

Its been a hurly burly sort of a summer with trips away and family visiting. We were in Glasgow only a week ago  when my eldest Step Daughter graduated from Strathclyde University. ( First Class Honours, thank you for asking. ) and now we're heading off again to the North West Highlands to cat/hen/ guinea pig and assorted wee furry thing sit for a friend. I can't wait to spend time in one of the most beautiful places in the world but the responsibility is making me a little nervous, especially the cat/hen/small furry animal combination.  In my experience that spells doom for the smaller of the animals. Hopefully Clare's cats are less bloodthirsty than Magnus.

The garden has been cruelly neglected over the summer and has repaid our neglect with beauty and productivity. The redcurrants and raspberries have been stuffed into containers and frozen, waiting for a rainy jam making day.  Even the weeds look gorgeous and are keeping the local bees happy.

I'll be taking a selection of knitting and sewing away with me but decided to leave my new hobby at home. I've been learning to weave on an Inkle Loom. Although it looks fiddly it is a gentle introduction to weaving and I'm finding it a soothing occupation.  The braids themselves are beautiful, trouble is I can't honestly think of many things I can do with them. Suggestions gratefully received. The site I've linked to here suggests making Belly Dancing belts. Maybe that's a hobby too far?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sweden is wonderful.

After my big screen knitting escapades it was time for a holiday. Our hospitable friends Lena, Malin and Findus live in Stockholm and we didn't need much persuasion to come over for a visit.  With a little serendipity on our side we managed to spend time in the city and also to take it easy in a cottage in the country.
We fell in love with Stockholm's cafes and cardamom buns and ate tremendous amounts of cheese. I have developed a new found love of the crispbread and saw some being made at the brilliant outdoor museum and zoo at Skansen. Even getting to the museum is an adventure, taking a ferry ride from the centre of Stockholm.

Then it was off to the cottage by the lake. Many Swedes have holiday homes in the country and it is easy to work out why. Every day we made our dinner, packed it up in wicker baskets and walked down to the lakeside to eat in the evening sun.  Swinging in the hammocks, knitting and reading with nothing more strenuous than a game of darts to round off the day.  A lovely pace to live by.

Let me show you what I mean......

Tasty beakfast at Lena's
Waterside coffee drinkers in Stockholm
Flatbread heaven
My mosquito bitten pins by the lake.