Friday, 31 July 2009

Gifts and adventures

I'm off for a week or so to this festival. I've got a seat on the bus and I'm intending to have a wonderful time.

I made some knitted gifts to say thank you to the organisers - with the weather forecast I've seen, we'll need all the warmth we can get!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The sky and the stars.

I've been knitting my first real lace project - Gossamer Stars, a scarf by Kat Coyle. It is a beautiful pattern, complicated but not too much for the average brain and with lots of little knit one row or purl one row rest stops along the way. You can tell that I haven't worked out how to follow the chart yet. Everywhere I look now I'm seeing stars like this little pile of home grown rasps, or the fallen yellow flowers that I saw on the pavement yesterday on the one day in history I was without my camera.

I've been impressed by the sky too this week. Blue, black, grey, with many different cloud combinations and the inevitable rain that follows. Yesterday Magnus and I sat on the top step watching the sky darken and waiting for the thunder to begin. There was one magical moment of silence when even the birds stopped singing and then the crashing and pouring began. Time to retreat inside and continue knitting the stars.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gifts from the garden.

Flax flowers


Sweetpea, pea and wild strawberries.

Monday, 6 July 2009

A small problem with rain.

Woolfest was not to be after all due to a pet emergency ( not Magnus, just in case you were wondering. ) Next year we'll be super organised and I'll have more time so save up.

This weekend saw me dressed oddly and spinning in public at the Letham Victorian Market. My chum from the Spinning Guild, Brad, had organised a spinning demo and roped in some volunteers. Volunteers who had to dress in a Victorian manner. I look more country bumpkin than dandy but it was great fun. We spun and people watched and all was going so well until the sky filled with clouds and a ton of rain fell in half an hour. Our little gazebo bravely withstood the deluge. The people watching were not so waterproof. So we consoled ourselves with some cupcakes and pondered on the rainproof properties of fleece.

Here we are then - me, Julie, Brad and some cakes.