Monday, 5 March 2007

A trip to the sea side

We took a few days away to have a holiday in Pennan, a village with only one main street which overlooks the sea. We had the best possible weather, stormy and wet which meant that we were forced to stay indoors with only a real fire, some knitting (me ), books
( Archie ) and a years supply of cocoa. Blissful. I finished my wee prototype log cabin blanket and started on the one I want to make properly. Actually, I have a feeling that I will be making lots of log cabin squares rather than one big blanket as this will allow me to use up even more obscure bits of yarn. We left the cottage only to restock our cocoa supplies and to walk along the shore taking pictures and dodging waves. I think I prefer the seaside at this time of year as it gives a real impression of the power of the waves and the weather.

Came home to a rapturous welcome from Magnus who had been annoying the neighbours in our absence and to a parcel from Miss Frugality/Julia with the promised dye from her own house clearing escapades. Must admit to being a tad perplexed at her colour choices, although it might explain why she has never used them and is palming them off on me. Lavender I understand as a good idea, likewise terracotta, but packets of beige dye? I can't imagine ever looking at a piece of virgin fabric/yarn/paper and thinking must dye this a lovely shade of beige! Maybe it was to mix with another shade? Don't keep me in suspense Mrs Frugal - what were you thinking?!
However, I've already mentally chosen some yarn to experiment with and will keep you posted.
I managed to get another cotton jumper to unravel on my holiday, this time a lovely dark blue and I hope this will give me enough to knit something to fit me along with the turmeric and the green.

Meanwhile I have a Vogue Knitting jumper pattern from 1960 to attempt for Archie and the next instalment of the log cabins. Not to mention a million snaps to upload onto Flikr - all from a four day trip. God help us if we are ever away for a fortnight!


Miss Frugality said...

That place looks nice and the log cabin knitting is fab!
Well....I had about 8 of these beige dyes(got them from freecycle).I thought if you didn't want beige yarn it might be possible to use them to make another bright colour a bit more muddy and subtle....

Mary Jane said...

And beige is good if you've wrecked something by spilling tea all over it, you can dye it beige...maybe it'd work!

jeni said...

I'm beginning to warm to the idea of mixing the beige and terracotta to make a softer colour. Either that or just wait till the next tea spilling incident. Its only a matter of time!

HPNY Knits said...

the log cabin swatch is great. and on the rocks looks like a colorful beach blanket. I LOVE log cabin work, and you are right, small ones give you more options. can't wait to see it grow.