Friday, 20 February 2009

Good Things This Week.

Number 1.

Julia, aka Miss Frugality came to visit, bringing me gifts and an excuse to make pancakes.

Number 2.

We have flowers.

Number 3.

It was warm enough to hang the washing outside for the first time this year.

Number 4.


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Or as it is known in Mog Towers;

I Love You But I Haven't Got You A Card Day!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A little humility.

I've had such lovely things said about my photographs recently that I am in serious danger of getting a swollen head. In order to reduce the swelling, I thought I'd share what happens when pictures go wrong......

In other news, it snew! Finally my legwarmers are going to get some use, at least they will if we can ever make it down the steps. Today is a good day to settle in with some tea and a pair of needles. My knitting for Botswana has made it as far as America, to Knittah's house and I'm very glad to see it arrive.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

A sow's ear and huge legs.

The rest of the UK has been smothered in snow with chaotic results. Flights cancelled, schools closed, roads covered. I thought I'd be prepared as only a knitter can be. So I am now the posessor of the largest legwarmers known to humanity. As a child of the eighties, I know my legwarmers and this pair are so big that all of the Kids from Fame could fit into them and still have enough space to dance on the tables. Large these legwarmers are. They are also very warm indeed which would have come in handy if the snow had amounted to anything more than the light dusting that appeared yesterday and then melted into nothing by this morning. Maybe I could send them in an emergency package to London, or Belfast. That's if the post can get through the snow.

I have also been engaged in the more delicate task of spinning silk after Lesley, one of the Angus spinning enablers very kindly sent me a little package containing a silk hankie. Lesley does this beautifully and I was keen to try for myself. It takes a bit of practice and as the silk sticks to any dry skin and I have the hands of an Arbroath Fishwife, I spent most of the time trying to prize the silk from my fingers. In the end I gave in and put on a pair of cotton gloves, looking less like a top spinner and more like the person on the TV who replaces the snooker balls. Here is the finshed result. Small, strong and beautiful if a little uneven. The cup is there to give a sense of proportion. It is one of the few remaining pieces of my doll's house china and is the size of two of Magnus' paws placed together.