Monday, 26 March 2007

Knitting Backwards.

Today I will be mostly lying on the sofa making snuffly moaning noises. While I was away in London, the unwanted gift of germs as well as the welcome gift of friendship was shared among us. Main suspects are Gill and Esme. Bearing in mind that Esme is only just a year old, I don't think it fair to lay any guilt on her - I'll blame her mother instead :)

Luckily I have some backwards knitting to keep me company on the sofa. Grahame, my second hand knitting book scout presented me with a plastic bag yesterday at the inaugural meeting of the Wine Club. Actually, when I think about it, six bottles of very good Spanish wine between eight of us last night might also explain today's delicate state. Anyway, in the bag was Grahame's green cardigan, knittted by his mum about thirty five years ago. It has been worn until it can be worn no more ( see elbows ) and he has given it to me for ripping down.
There is nothing I like better than changing a knitted thing back into its constituent parts. No real concentration is needed but you can see how a garment has been constructed and learn a little more along the way. A great way of indulging my inner Blitz Housewife who loves to make thrifty things and hates to see anything go to waste. When I knit something, especially from a vintage pattern, I feel a sense of connection with all the other knitters that have gone before me and I think the same thing happens if I undo another's work. Maybe I'm being a bit fanciful but it feels like by re-using the yarn I can sort of pay homage to the person and the skills used to create the original piece.

Now all I have to do is think about what to make with the yarn. It is green, probably acrylic and is needing a transformation. Suggestions will be very welcome.

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a friend to knit with said...

sorry for your "delicate" least you had fun while getting there! :) Have fun ripping! Can't wait to see what you come up with (sorry no suggestions from me) feel better soon! :)