Sunday, 24 April 2011

Catch Up.

I've had a little time and it seems as if  there might be a semblance of normality returning. I haven't done anything outstandingly stupid for a few days and all of my holiday photgraphs have been sorted out. I'll share a few with you and leave the other six hundred or so back in the files where they belong.

My first stop was Boston, meeting my dear old friend Stef and a new small friend, her daughter Evie who is two and a half. They showed me round their neighbourhood with stops for bacon and ice cream. We talked and talked, watched some truly dreadful movies and talked some more.  Then bowling and pizza and finally more bacon. Evie loves bacon. I love Evie.

Karin, of  Periwinkle Sheep fame has long been a blog buddy.  We arranged to meet at WEBS with Abby and Martha from the Ravelry Stash Down group as our trusty cohorts.  Abby very kindly collected me in Boston and we talked all the way to Northampton and back again like old friends. Martha was a chatty whirlwind rushing in to meet us in between errands. What fun. There is nothing like taking a chance on meeting up with imaginary friends and finding out that they ever even better than you imagined.

Also at WEBS that day, tucked away in a room with a group of students, was Mary Jane.  I'll tell a story or two about her next time.

Friday, 8 April 2011


I'm home.

It was wonderful.

I'm so jet-lagged I followed the wrong man to the super market checkout today* and earlier on in the week I poured boiling water into a kitchen drawer in stead of my cup.


I will write more when I can think.

Till then I will knit a sock slowly and with many mistakes.

* The lady at the till said  there are names for women like you and most of them aren't nice!
I think she was kidding.