Monday, 12 March 2007

It's alive!

The Vogue 1960's jumper which has proved troublesome so far is underway in the second attempt. I might be a scrappy knitter but it is a real pain when the edges don't look good. I know that they will be the last thing to be noticed when it's all sewn up and I have tried all sorts of different things - slipping stitches, not slipping stitches, talking nicely to them and downright foul language and threats, and as nothing seems to have made any difference I'm just going to hang in and keep knitting the damn thing. I have a funny feeling that as long as it covers him up on chilly camping holidays, Archie won't care if the edges are the best thing ever or an insult to knitterdom.

The charity shops have come up trumps again - this time my mum is the sniffer out of bargains. She works as a volunteer for the Red Cross shop in Kirriemuir and they had a donation of many many cones of what looks to be real wool, in four ply. She bought about half the batch and will be sent back for the rest! I have great plans for these fellows.

Beautiful weather today, sunny and with just enough of a wind to send the cat careering around the garden after little pieces of leaf and straw. I got started with tidying up the place and soon I can begin sewing the tomato seeds. We have been given the loan of a greenhouse this summer from friends who are going to Australia and I can't wait to fill it with chillies, tomatoes and other treats. It really feels like spring is underway. The first ladybird has been spotted, one more month and we'll have swallows.


a friend to knit with said...

wow...what a score on those cones!!! can't wait to see that 60's jumper! how fun to have a green house!

a friend to knit with said...

hey you.....i am sorry to leave you another comment....i just don't have your e-mail address for the fingerless glove pattern....yes some of that new yarn would be great to use for those! :) could you e-mail me with it

Mary Jane said...

I think it looks neat and tidy...besides so much depends on washing and blocking...I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. And what luck with those cones!