Thursday, 24 May 2007

A return and a farewell.

It's good to be back home in Mog Towers, I had a great time at Sylvia's beautiful house looking after Molly, Original Puss, Ginny and Penny, watching DVDs on the surround sound thingamabob, but you can't beat home comforts. So here I am again in my little flat with the sound of the downstairs neighbour's snores to lull me to sleep and a cat that wants to bite my ankles. I do have Archie to cuddle in the mornings and I'm afraid not even three cats, a dog and Daniel Craig on the telly screen can compete with that. Here is the room that I hung out in to do my knitting and it has the honour of being Anna, stepdaughter's favourite room in the world. You can see why Molly loves it too. I finished my recycled cotton jumper and it is just right for slinging over my shoulders as the Scottish summer air turns cool. Almost finished is another log cabin square so the blanket is becoming more of a reality.

Sylvia came home bearing fine chocolates and heaps of ripe oozy cheese. Just in time for our friend Travelling Steve to appear for a final visit before heading off to the open sea. Steve is the only person I know who has a section labelled Expeditions on their C.V. His last trip was on a push bike - from Land's End in Scotland to Damascus in Syria. The only bits he didn't cycle were on water! This time he's off to the Mediterranean in a sail boat and the best bit is ...... he has invited us to stay when he drops anchor in Greece, or Turkey or Spain. This is the first time he has sailed this far although he's lived on the boat for two years. Best of luck and good windspeed to Steve.


Tom said...

I like the photo of the cat and the telly, very cool.

Miss Frugality said...

Although Sylvia's house has a lot to recommend it...I bet it's great to be back home.Your stripy jumper looks great bye the way.

Mary Jane said...

2 adventures, housesitting and sailing!