Thursday, 17 May 2007

Housesitters of the World Unite.

No photos today because I am away from home. Not very far away but far enough to be without the technology to make this look pretty. I am house/dog/cat/cat/cat-sitting for our friend Sylvia who is visiting her family in France. It is in my interest to make it easy for her to go as next time she's taking me with her ( as well as Archie and Grahame X. )

So, I've moved two streets away from home and left Magnus in charge of Archie. The plan was that we would spend this time apart and make specific plans to meet up for lunch/dinner/other activities. It all sounded very romantic to me and I know that Archie is just dying to get the house to himself so that he can have the radio on all day without me complaining, steak sarnies and beans for every meal. Other folk however have raised eyebrows and asked leading questions about the state of our relationship. This feels like a good idea to me. It's only been two days out of six but so far we are both having fun. Typically, I'd only been away for about an hour when I went for a walk and bumped right into him. We were supposed to stay out of each others' way today as well but I had left a vital half of my recycled cotton jumper in the knitting bag so I was forced to come home. After living with someone all the time it is a sweet thing to be able look forward to seeing them. Every time something silly or interesting happens I just want to get on the phone to tell him about it. What a sap. Of course the lure of this particular housesitting gig has nothing to do with Sylvia's fantastic mega screen surround sound film watching apparatus. Not to mention the cupboards full of DVDs that I haven't seen......

I also have three different knitting projects if I get tired of the complete Keanu Reeve oeuvre, so by the time pictures can be uploaded I might have something to show. Right now I'm off to bed to wrestle with a duvet hogging dog and three heat seeking cats.


Miss Frugality said...

Greetings to you on your holidays!
Cats,knitting,Keannu...what more could a girl want!
Hope you are taking advantage of this time and have all projects and wool scattered all over the floor,extra untidily.Come to think of it I suppose that wouldn't be the best idea with all those furry friends around.

nigantsoair said...

Keanu is mine, mine, mine, always has been, i am so jealous of the house/cats and dogs sit, sounds wonderful, and in that beautiful house, how fab! Bet Archie will be missing you like crazy by day 6 tho!