Friday, 11 May 2007

From the Sublime to the Rock n' Roll Ridiculous.

The Cope, originally uploaded by El Ramingo Duende.

A week of contrasts in the Mog household. Saturday was a meeting of the newly created Wine Imbibing Neighbours Organisation - Aka WINO. A hand picked selection of chums all chip in £5 every month and one of us chooses a theme and the relevant wine. Archie was this month's host and we drank some lovely stuff. My dad came along for the first time and although we haven't heard from him since, mum assures me that he enjoyed himself!

Sunday found us drinking strong coffee and painkillers en route to Pennicuick to see Miss Frugality/Julia and her partner Robb's exhibition of pictures, bags, brooches, woodturning. Lots of beautiful things and it was a close call between a picture or a bag. After telling Archie that if we bought the bag I would fill it to the brim with more knitting projects, we agreed to buy the picture. At the moment it is only the promise of a picture as it has to hang in Pennicuick for the rest of the exhibition. One day it will be ours - we can't wait! We also got to hang out with the Frugal family and friends at Julia's sister Jennifer's house which was an unexpected bonus. Pictures on Flickr if you want to see more........

Tuesday was a rare event for a village dweller like me - a proper gig. I went up to Aberdeen and while Archie and some friends went to a poetry book launch ( Knotbrook Taylor from the Blue Salt Collective no less ), I met up with Carol from the Aberdeen chapter of Stitch and Bitch and we went off to see Julian Cope at the Lemontree. JC's music has been part of the soundtrack of my life since I was thirteen and it was strange and lovely to hear him singing obscure B sides and singles that I listened to obsessively as a teenager. He's a proper English eccentric, currently collecting Rock n Roll cliches, hence the outfit, and in another part of his life he is a respected authority on archeological matters. I love him to bits, he's odd and inspiring and anyone who can keep my attention from 13 to 38 must be doing something right. The only downside? I had to stand up in a loud room for three hours and a couple of days later the muscles in my bum still hurt. Too old to Rock n Roll, surely not yet?!

I still can't do proper links so here are the addresses for stuff I have just mentioned, you'll just have to cut and paste like in the olden days!

Miss frugality

The Blue Salt Collective

Julian Cope


Miss Frugality said...

Julian Cope!..imagine seems like all our old idols get younger as we get older!Hope you were singing along.

nigantsoair said...

magnusmog, I have fond memories of us going to see JC in King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, I think I was trying to impress a certain young man at the time....heehee,(didn't work)! Glad to see you can still rock like a 13 year old!!

catmadcarol said...

it was a good night. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see the champion of Grampian..