Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Still Pasta

Still Life Week. Picture number two.

Leftover Pasta

The night before, boil too much pasta in the making of macaroni cheese. Whatever is left over, (without sauce, just naked pasta ), put in a bowl and mix in a little bit of olive oil to stop the little fellows sticking together. Place them gently in the fridge.

Next day, remove the pasta from the fridge. Add a bit more oil - I used some leftover chilli oil from a jar of spicy olives but any oil that you fancy will do. Then some vinegar or lemon juice for sharpness. Add some grated cheese. I think that parmesan or pecorino is best. However, if all you can get is the funny parmesan that's already grated in a little cardboard drum, don't buy it. It isn't cheese, it's pure evil. Get some cheddar or another hard cheese instead and grate it yourself. Then something really tasty like sun dried tomatoes, olives, cold meat, or in my case some marinated mushrooms. Mix everything together with salt and pepper. Put in a nice bowl and eat with a glass of wine.

I thought I'd post a picture of what I had to do to get enough light to take the still life - next time I'll make pasta in the daylight.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Looks oh-so-Yummy! Pasta is a great platform for cheese. I work on the principle that what isn't improved by chocolate, will be improved by cheese.

Michelle said...

yum, i'm hungry.

loves me some Cheesey Bits. (Mac and Cheese in our house)


tattie-bogle said...

Makes me want to cook some macaroni & cheese just so that I can enjoy some leftovers!

Thalia said...

MMMMMM! Looks delicious... and like something I would throw together. Right now I am developing, through hard work and lots of microwaving perfection, a vegan mac-and-cheese that is actually quite rich and fabulous.