Thursday, 24 January 2008

Graveyard White.

A week or so ago I had a Flickrmail from someone in Canada who had seen one of my photos. The photo was of headstones in Brechin Cemetery and she wondered if I would like to go back and look for the grave of one of her relatives. Yesterday we went off to look and one thing that caught my eye was the amount of floral tributes on the stones. I suppose that over Christmas family members come to remember the people they have lost and bring the flowers with them. A lot of the tributes were made from plastic which brought a kind of gaudy cheeerfulness to the place. We have had some gale force winds recently and flowers have been swept all over the graveyard so it is hard to tell who they were originally intended to commemorate. I like that - a sort of sharing among the dead.

Did I say that it never snows here anymore? Right this minute there are soggy flakes falling from the sky and no life in my camera battery.


Mo'a said...

Great photo...only at a closer look does one realize that the anemone is plastic.
I am also on snow watch...perhaps tomorrow we will both show a snow photo.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful post and great picture. Snow watch here too -- just for flurries though.

Eunice said...

heh. i keep saying the same thing-- it never snows in north carolina-- and what do you know we have a pretty okay snow day (we mostly get ice days).

beautiful post about the dead sharing the flowers...reminds me a bit of day of the dead.

Nikkita said...

Graveyard tributes are interesting. I went to a graveyard in a hilltop town in Italy and there were these old photo tiles on most of them. They were really beautiful.

Mary Jane said...

I love that crisp plastic fleur. You're in my "10 favorites" today! I think I spelled your name wrong, so email me and I'll fix it