Monday, 16 April 2007

Revenge - thy name is Rangercraig

We had a lovely but ultimately disturbing day out on Saturday, visiting the Dundee Botanic Gardens. Stupidly, unnacountably, I went out without the aid of a camera so there is no record of the look on my face as the lovely man at the desk ushered us in on a family ticket. Family as in two grown up people and two children of school age. My companions on this outing were Archie and his two daughters, Anna, 28 and Caroline, 30. To make matters worse, the man then offered to take Anna to see the park's terrapins! I'm not too sure how old he thought they were, and to be fair to him, both Anna and Caroline look youthful enough to still get asked for ID in pubs, but what about me? How could he think I was old enough to be their mother? I'm only eight years older than Caroline. We put this terrifying ordeal behind us, duly admired the terrapins and wandered around the beautiful gardens and hothouses. A good time was had by all, only marred by me telling Caroline that if she called me Mum I would punch her in the face. Old age does that to my sense of humour!

The photos above show A and C in their full youthful beauty ( spit ) as well as Dapper Dan, Anna's partner. The photos were taken at Caroline's 30th birthday party. That's thirty, not thirteen if anyone from the Dundee Botanic gardens is reading this post!

Our good friend Rangercraig is on the warpath. We had an email from him last night, followed by a phone call from Grahame, his other half, this morning. Along with the rest of the village, the lads had received a flier through the door from a company called Helpmates, pretending to be a charity doing door to door collections. According to the flier, God would be grateful if the village were to donate clothing, shoes, cosmetics, perfume and jewellery to be re-distributed in the third world.

A quick Goolgling by the Rangerman showed this to be a horrible scam and nothing to do with charity at all. The company is a business which makes money out of gullible people's donations. Not chuffed, our chum has decided to put a bag out for collection tomorrow. Being a park ranger he has access to all sorts of goodies and so far the donation from his household contains some super smelly clothes, a decomposed rabbit and half a dead goose. Let's see them make a profit out of that lot !


Miss Frugality said...

Suppose, if nothing else the family ticket made your day a bit cheaper.
Are you having the same fab weather as we are down here?
Those clothing scams are annoying ...don't think they'll be prepared for what's in store...eyuuuch!

casey said...

I officially love your Rangercraig. Anyone demented enough to put that out for those "charity" scammers is my kind of person!

I occasionally (at 32) get mistaken for a high-schooler. But no, those girls (while young-looking) definitely don't look young enough to pass as children. LOL! I think you all just got in on a cheaper ticket, which isn't a bad thing. :)

Tom said...

I think that looking younger than you are is a family trait, don't you?