Thursday, 26 April 2007

Mog Manifesto Part 1

I get terrible rows from Archie when we go out for winter walks. If someone has their curtains open and the lights on, I can't help but look. In the same vein, I love travelling by train and catching the snapshots of life that can be seen as you whizz past the houses. I'm not hoping to catch anyone out or see what I shouldn't, I'm simply fascinated by the way other people live their lives. Small, domestic, homely, whatever you want to call it, all of this is really satisying to me. In fact, I would go as far as to say that some of the biggest adventures in life can be had on a very small stage. It's no coincidence that when we finally got married the ceremony was held in our living room and the photos were taken in the back garden. Small scale and perfect.

That's one of the reasons for the Mog Blog. This is me, the curtains are open and the lights are on!


casey said...

I do the same thing: when I'm out in the evening, when it's easy to see into windows from the road, I look. Done it since I was a kid. There's something comforting about seeing families eating dinner or watching TV, and I could never figure out what it is, exactly, but I still look.

Simmy said...

Hi Jeni,

Just came over for a peek after you left acomment on my blog.

I laughed because I'm just the same I love peeking in at people's windows. When I lived in London my sister and I walked a lot in the evenings and saw lots of lovely rooms and interiors.

It always makes me think how there's someone living their life unknown to me and I get a quick glimpse of it and then it's gone again.

They sell nice jute that company in Forfar.

laura said...

I'm another one who peeks - but I find myself looking less at the people, and more at the decor. Our former neighbor had lovely art on his walls. I loved being able to enjoy it from afar as I walked by. He has now moved and taken his lovely art with him. Sigh.

a friend to knit with said...

Ha! I am a peeker too! :) I think that is why blogging is so much fun! We get a small glimpse at some everyday people and the way they live!