Friday, 6 April 2007

Bats at the Bee.

Busy busy week, the house has been filled with step-family, or family as I like to call them. Stephen was up for couple of days ridding the fridge of all known cheeses before returning to Aberdeen. Caroline is here now with her amazing red sparkly shoes and another digital camera. Magnus is so photographed that he has taken to wearing sunglasses a la Grace Kelly. If only.

Julia/Missfrugality ( please come up and show me how to do links ) sent me this lovely key ring which is now in use. Too big for the Blue tits in the bird house though.

Knitting bee was held at Helen's this week, she lives up a hill in a little farm cottage and it was wonderful to stand at her front door breathing in the smell of the fields warming up. Spring is most definately here. We saw the first bat fly past the window in the twilight and there are peacock butterflies and ladybirds everywhere. I find it hard to converse and knit sensibly at the same time so I left Archie's Vogue jumper at home and started up a simple cotton jumper for me - it's a Kaffe Fasset design from Rowan 39, called Ramona. The yarn is some rescued charity shop-unwound jumper that I dyed, mixed in with another recycled cotton so we can safely assume that it will bear no resemblance to the exquisite original. That's just the way I like it.


nig an tsoair said...

Magnus is probably the most handsome cat I've ever met. Magnus the magnificent!!!I love the red shoes. Shoe pics are the way to go for me! (as I don't knit). you know what the flowers are in my garden as you are horticulture specialist?.....

Mary Jane said...

What a great image, the little farm cottage up a hill, with the smell of fields warming up, and a bat! Thanks!