Saturday, 9 June 2012

Quick Pictures.

I've been away on family business ( all good stuff ) and that takes a little recovery time. So in the absence of anything sensible to say, here are some pictures of what has been happening while I take things easy.

More words next time, I promise!

There have been banana muffins.

The lad took it into his head to organise our ever growing collection of technological bits.

The garden grew greener and wilder

I ate some soup made from all the things we needed to use up in the freezer and in the cupboards.

Magnus wore a feather and I didn't like to ask where it came from
This happened - I took a picture of an alkanet sprig on long exposure by mistake then auto-exposed it.
Turned out like a  watercolour.


Johanna said...

I'm sure, Magnus politely asked the former owner, if he could have this tiny feather, just for decoration. And it does look great!

Anne said...

Yes Magnus looks great - and I love your watercolour photo!

Julia said...

I love that photo of Magnus wearing the evidence.He's a handsome devil!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love the picture of Magnus wearing the evidence so suavely!