Thursday, 24 May 2012

Listen to the worms.

It has been stunningly hot these last few days as if May has finally given up pretending to be March and rewarded us with a timely heatwave. The garden is gorgeous, even the overgrown areas home to nettles and too much comfrey are a springy green source of wonder. Time for some gardening. We have been sorting out the compost heap. When I say we, the lad does all the actual work and I have the laborious job of taking pictures. His reward? An introduction to the joy of listening to the worms and their assorted slimy friends.They are a noisy bunch, the beasties who turn food into compost. If you listen closely, but not too close, you can hear them moving and munching. The heap seethes and crackles like a frying pan full of sausages. I love it, it is one of the things in the garden that makes me very happy.

Good friends for the garden.

The good weather has been bringing us out into the garden at mealtimes too.  When it is warm, I'm less inclined towards a proper dinner and more more likely to fancy cold snacky food. There has been a lot of bread and vegetables, I made some fine hummus with chickpeas and half an avocado, as well as the yellow pepper triumph below.  Tasty things for us and treats for the worms. 

Cat is too hot to be bothered trying to steal food.

Some interesting discussion has appeared online about how truthful each blogger's representation of their life is. There appears to be a growing sense that while posting all the positives is a perfectly fine thing to do,  it can make other bloggers feel under pressure as if they couldn't possibly compete with how wonderful every one else's lives appear to be.  The response can be found here - with links to many other blogs.  I love the honesty of those taking part and it got me thinking about my photographs and how selective they are. Obviously I want to take the most picturesque images but at the same time it could lead people to think that things Chez Mog are a little more Homes and Gardens than they really are. So, in the interests of honesty and frankly because it makes me laugh, every now and then I'm going to show you the other side of an image that I've chosen for the blog, what lies behind the carefully composed frame.

Hummus - the pretty picture.
Today I've chosen the hummus.  The proper blog image and the bigger picture. I was sitting in the middle of a washing line full of sheets and clothes, the lad's smelly trainers were airing on what is laughingly referred to as the patio and there are bins and pots all over the place.  Now you can see why I crop!



Galadriel said...

I've enjoyed your blog; it's nice to see the 'other' side too!

Julia said... have lots of worms in your compost. I'm impressed!

I read the post you linked to - a lot I related to in there. It's sometimes troubled me that what I've posted hasn't been the whole story and left me feeing like a fraud. Good to know it's not just me.

The 'real' magnusmog still has a very pretty sunny garden, washing,trainers,and all!

Annie Cholewa said...

Oh dear, I do seem to have missed rather a lot here (my Google reader had hiccups and it was a while before I realised that a whole bunch of folk had disappeared).

I love your little picture/bigger picture approach.

As for the worms ... I greatly upset my mother recently by telling her that I intend to be buried in a green fashion when I die so the squirmy blighters and their mates can feed on me ... I'd never really thought about what that would sound like!

(Finding it immensely satisfying that my word verification is softi cushions!)

Jane said...

When I take my food pictures they are usually surrounded by papers, schoolbooks etc...It's never as it seems! My boys would love all those worms for their fishing!