Saturday, 10 March 2012

I am happy with these socks.

Tidying up the spirals.

Spring is continuing to make itself known with an outbreak of gardening and the odd chance to bask in the sunshine,  so long as the wind is blowing in the right direction and you sit in the one place at the bottom of the stairs where there are no draughts.  It is only possible to sit out for a short spell but while it lasts, what bliss.

Quick glimpse of sunny colour at the foot of the Silver Birch.

Last time I wrote about my sock making efforts I was less than complimentary. I had made some ugly but serviceable bed-fellows. They kept my feet warm but were the colour of cat vomit. I've just finished another pair, featuring some of the self-same vomit yarn but with the addition of two other colours.  Three cheers for orange and brown, they have restored my faith in scrappy handspun socks. The pattern is based on the Toe To Toe socks which can be found in this book. My yarn, being scrappy and handspun is a lot thicker than the one recommended for the pattern so I made a few changes. I am utterly in love with the corrugated rib at the top, it is a great example of why simple is beautiful.

Smitten with this rib.

A finished sock and a seal impersonation, now that's multitasking!
Next on the list of knitting intended to use up the handpsun scrappy bits is at least one pair of Mucklemitts. Not only are they designed by my erstwhile imaginary friend and now true pal, Mary Jane Mucklestone, they are also the only knitting pattern I know of that has been immortalised in a Guardian cartoon.  I have been spinning purple, yellow, turquoise and there is some pink still to be spun. I'm thinking that all together they will look like those little Easter eggs that are covered in sugary pastel coloured coatings. Springy colours. Let's hope I finish them before summer comes.

Magnus would respectfully like to suggest that it is time to clean out the greenhouse.


Anne said...

I love those socks!

Can't wait to see your handspun Muckle Mitts.

Lyn said...

I like the socks too!
and yes I must clean out our greenhouse too, thanks for the reminder Magnus!

Jani said...

Awesome socks! & thank you for the spring pics, you've given we slog our way through mud season here. Three cheers for MuckleMitts!

andamento said...

Fab socks.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Lovely socks. Kitty seems very pleased with the box-seat.