Monday, 19 December 2011

Jam and dodgy socks

Old leaves - may be responsible for drabness.

There are times when making something is a slog. The awfulness of the slog is tempered with the knowledge that the end result will make everything worthwhile. Many hours of knitting stocking stitch round and round and round is forgotten when a Cobblestone or a Peasy. is created from them.  Then there are the times when the slog and the end result are equally awful. Take these just finished socks for instance. Please take them.

Maybe I should iron before taking pictures?

 These socks are part of my plan  to use up every scrap of my handspun no matter how scrappy that handspun might be. They were an absolute pain to knit, being made made from the sort of thick and thin yarn that only an enthusiastic but skill-free new spinner can create and then dyed with a variety of sticks and leaves and old tea bags. Combined together, the yarns look like something that Magnus might throw up, minus the distressing bony evidence of whatever he ate to make him sick in the first place. Before synthetic dyes were invented there was a colour named drab. I may have unwittingly made the drabbest of socks.

They are knitted two yarns to the row in Lice Stitch creating a double layer which hopefully cancels out the worst of the thick and thin and whatever else might be wrong with them they will keep my feet from freezing at night and so prevent marital disharmony. For that I will be thankful.

Checking the jellification of the jam.

In other news I emptied the freezer and made jam with the last of the summer's raspberries and redcurrants. The jam is beautiful and tasty without a hint of cat sick or drabness.

Wooden spoon is no match for the stain powers of raspberries.


lynn said...

Love that jam red and have to say I love those socks as well-there's a time and place for drab.

Mr. Puffy said...

Aww. I think they are beautiful :)

Cassandra said...

Oh dear! Still, you could overdye them again -- why not use raspberry juice? It seems to take beautifully!

Ellen Mason said...

The socks will be perfect with just the right neighboring piece - your jeans, something purple, something charcoal, and your favorite Pendleton (btw, found it on etsy yesterday and thought of you so fondly).

zippiknits said...

Those aren't that bad! You must just be reaaaally sick of knitting them though. Ah well, on to something bright and non brownish! Not a bad idea that someone had about using berry juice to over dye them.

Have a wonderful Holiday, Magnusmog!

Spinningfishwife said...

They look cosy though!

Spinningfishwife said...

They look cosy though! Porridge socks. Why not overdye them next time you have some left over dye?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I like your socks!