Saturday, 4 December 2010

A dripping story.

After looking after the birds with such loving care over the summer and experiencing the ultimate in feline stir-craziness, it seemed a little unfair to lose them to a cold snap. According to the RSPB the birds rely on having enough fat resources to see them through our freezing winter nights. What is doom to our arteries is a life saver to the robin and the sparrow and the blue tit.


Which goes a  long way to explaining the purchase of two large packs of beef dripping yesterday. This morning it was the star ingredient in my bird cake, along with some sesame seeds, bread and some coconut that I found in the cupboard marked use by 2009.  Melt, mix and leave to set.

The birds seem to like it. Unfortunately so does Magnus.


soxchik said...

Who the heck named these birds Blue Tit and Tit Mouse? It had to have been a guy.

P.S. My verification word is beady, how cool!

Cindy G said...

But at least Magnus is enjoying bird cake, not bird : - )

wordtapestry said...

We used to create seed and peanut butter feeders for birds in the winter. Get a large open pinecone, tie twine on one end. Get out the peanut butter, and load it into the openings of the pinecone, then roll the peanut butter covered cone in millet and other bird seeds.

You'll probably end up feeding the squirrels too, but the birds love this. And dripping in a feeder -- nuthatches and woodpeckers love that.

Lyn said...

oh dear, at least he will keep away from the birds!