Saturday, 27 November 2010

Confusion abounds.

The house is proving to be a source of confusion for Magnus and the local birds. Magnus can't belive that the living room window sill should be used for purposes other than his own ( the radiator underneath is pleasingly warm) and he was most put out this week when I needed it for :

A - Hat blocking. This is the Cabled Beret by Ashley Hasse. A lovely fast knit and the first time I've used a plate for blocking, not that Magnus cares.

B - Sourdough. Inspired by the yeasts of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall I've been wandering around the house gathering my own for a sourdough starter. It needed a warm place to get going and once again the Mog was not best pleased.

The poor old birds are also very confused, they think that the kitchen window is fresh air and have been bashing into it at regular intervals. This time I found a dazed goldfinch lying on its side looking like the end was nigh. A few minutes held in the warmth of my hand and then a quiet cat-free spot for recovering was all that was needed but in order to prevent another dull thud, I made a bird sillhouette and stuck it onto the window. You can see by the picture why I never pursued a career in fine art. The birds seem to be fooled though and that is the main thing.

We were all surprised by the view from the kitchen window the next morning. The first snowfall of 2010.


TD wool design said... are getting the evil eye in that first photo! such a poor kitty. :(
i love your birdie, a useful idea indeed! a hawk hit libby's classroom window and did not survive. very sad.
and lib and i agree your view is wonderful! happy snowfall and new beret!

Lyn said...

the birds fly into our front window quite often too, it's a good idea. The beret come just in time for the snow!
Magnus doesnt look too impessed!

Cindy G said...

Wow, you have snow before we do!

From what I can see of the hat beneath Magnus and his baleful look, it's really cute!

Karin said...

What a pretty cover of snow you have! Just enough to make the greys go away.
I saw your commment on my blog about the cranberries, and I wanted to tell you that I am positive that the recipe would work with raspberries or currants, too.
Good luck making bread!!!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Gosh, just read through the bread making in the link....that's a lot of yeasting and rising and generally faffing about with flour! Hope it makes a nice loaf in the end : )

Cassandra said...

I love those portable kitty-blockers -- I have two myself. And they're always willing to help, especially when it takes place on the radiator cover! Double bliss.

Spundun said...

Magnus looks decidedly annoyed about the dough, but the special hat-plate-cushion, surely was a gift for him, lol?

Hope you are coping OK your way in this weather. It is, um, rather interesting here!