Sunday, 31 October 2010

Curious Questions.

I'm subscribed to YouGov, a pollling site where you fill in surveys on a variety of subjects. Eventually after what feels like years, YouGov send a cheque for £50 as a thank you. Every week or so a new survey appears in my inbox and most of them are about things I care nothing about, like mobile phone companies, or banking.

This morning a much more relevant survey appeared. I'll leave you with a few of the questions. Silly answers much appreciated! You may need to click the pictures to read some of the options as they came out a wee bit small.

In other news, I have been tidying up the plates of tomatoes that I saved from the outside plants when the frosts threatened. These poor fellows have been languishing by the kitchen window in the hopes of finding a few rays of sunshine to aid their ripening. There are some smaller than my thumbnail and all are beginning to show their age. I decided to hasten their shrivelling and have sliced them in half, sprinkled on some sugar, salt and pepper and I'm hoping the house will smell like a small Italian town in summertime. The kind of place where the tomato harvest is laid out on the rooftops to dry in the heat of the sun and the locals dip their focaccia into extra virgin olive oil while tearing basil leaves just for the joy of it. Instead of a damp Scottish village where two platefuls of old toms are stuck in a fan assisted oven.


soxchik said...

I never heard of cat chocolate before. Please explain this.

magnusmog said...

I've never heard of cat chocolate either, I don't think we should tell Magnus that it exists!

Cindy G said...

You mean there are cats that like a cocktail now and then?

This is so funny.

mary jane said...

hilarious, I like "human biscuits" that means they are made from human body parts, no? Just in time for halloween!

Julia said...

Does Magnus Ramsay drink alcohol? What a strange question. Makes me wonder who sponsored the survey - Gordon's Gin or the RSPCA?