Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rain and roses

It is a languid grey sort of day, the heat of the past few weeks has been replaced by a slow drizzling rain. It is still warm enough for the windows to be open and every now and then a breeze sends the gentle smell of old fashioned roses drifting from the vase on the mantlepiece. I've put the houseplants out on the steps for a bath and even the cat is pleased to be indoors. There are no plans except for finishing a handspun shawl. Only ten rows before cast off but for a triangular shawl, those ten rows go on forever.

It wasn't like this last week - last week was a frenzy of visiting and watching and joining in. I took the first and probably last steps into light entertainment, taking part in this very silly dance. You can see me some rows from the front resplendent in bright orange with a pale green hat. 

The garden is growing and thankfully, the birds are growing up. All we have to do now is wait and see if there is a second brood for us to worry about.*

* we have to worry - the chick in the middle of Archie's very clever feeding station is definately a young-un. More cat placating required.


Lyn said...

We had to rescue a young sparrow that had flown into the window today, after a quiet rest in a dark box he flew off right as rain!
Clever feeding station too.

Lucette said...

I saw you.

The video is so cool--looks like everybody had a lot of fun dancing and stretching their creativity.

Cindy G said...

What a fun video! I saw you, too, and loved the Laurel and Hardy.

On a different topic all together, what are the flowers in the first photo?

Louisa said...

I love the dancing! Too fun. I also remember watching that Laurel & Hardy as a kid. Too bad we couldn't see you better! I kept trying to pause at the right moment but no dice. :(

Also, Magnus is quite amazing the way he demolished his cat flap, isn't he? Talk about determination! Birdies, look out.