Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cat is bored.

We are still continuing our policy of feline containment. So far the cat flap has been destroyed and rebuilt three times. Cat has once escaped by either learning how to turn the switch on the flap or by applying brute force ( we were out and can only speculate.)
A large cardboard box filled with books and clothes destined for a charity shop and placed in front of the door was shoved rudely aside by cat trying to gain access to the cat flap.  And yesterday, while the chap of the house was quitely sitting at an open window watching the baby birds in the garden below, he was joined by the cat who then leaped out. Remember we live on the first floor. It was quite a leap. Cat is unscathed but our nerves are in tatters.

We are attempting to entertain the cat with a variety of expensive toys. He prefers, however, to play with a handmade bow tied to a length of wool and the very favourite thing, a piece of stringy stuff ripped from the towel basket by himself and then thrown around the house. Or a newspaper, preferably one in the process of being read.

I can't wait for the birds to grow up.


Lyn said...

Oh dear, he does look fed-up! hope you can stick it out for the birds sake!

Anonymous said...

I hope the birds grow up soon. The cats here want to know why they cannot go outside to chase the baby rabbits. (So, I suppose, they support Magnus' cause.)

I live near a busy street, so they are never supposed to go outside.

Cindy G said...

A determined cat is indeed a force to be contended with.

inkberryblue said...

You have my sympathy.
Actually, this made me laugh out of recognition...although my Molly has become less predatory as she's aged (much to my surprise.)
I hope the little birds leave the nest soon too!

TD wool design said...

oh dear, i shall send you libby right away. she can entertain kitties (and herself) for hours.
poor ol' man. i show lib this post when she comes home from school.
i hope he forgives you soon. :)

Karin said...

Wow!! He has more than enough personality for several other cats!
What determination...

Anonymous said...

Our Shanks has been extra determined to get out lately, he hops up on to the mantel in the front room to get to two dormer windows that afford a good view of the apple tree that is currently FULL of birds. Lucky for us Georgie (the dog) is good at chasing him from the door way when we are going in and out of the house.

Pam said...

I laughed so hard when I saw this post!I cried happy tears when I read your wish (birds grow up) Thanks for making my night! I'm going to forward this to several people that I know who will be able to appreciate the truth and humor behind this. I feel for you. Keeping cats indoors is NOT for the faint hearted. Good luck!

Tyler said...

Haha, I love your cat! It looks just like my best friend's, and I miss it!