Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hurray, I can have a bath!

This post celebrates the end of possibly two or three months of bathroom disturbances. First the leak from our sink onto the neighbour's ceiling. Then up came the floor, then down came a bit more of the neighbour's ceiling as the soggy insulation was scooped out. Then the insurance guys, then trips to choose new flooring and phone calls to plumbers. This week saw Archie make beautiful tongue and groove panels for the bath and paint the walls before the lino man came yesterday. Now it is all over and I can wallow in my bath without worrying about not having a floor, a functioning sink or angry neighbours!

I have been spinning some leftovers this week. In my enthusiasm, last time I was at the Twist Fibre saloon I bought Icelandic fleece instead of merino. It is too scratchy for my tender flesh so it will eventually be felted into a bag. Till then I have been having fun with the mixing up of colours and spinning. It is easier to spin than merino which I'm putting down to the coarseness of the fleece. I would never have put those colours together without the benefit of serendipity but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Note the lone Christmas stocking in the photo, I think this should have been sent to a deserving child last year. So much for forward planning.

I have also been working on Nell's thing that involves roaring. It is coming along nicely and will be photographed in due course. I have been completely avoiding Archie's 1960 Vogue jumper and I think it is because once it is finished I'll have to SEW IT UP. Last time I tried that was the disaster that became the Placed Cable Aran. Fear is the greatest aid to procrastination. I will persevere - Face the sleeve and do it anyway!


Jacqui said...

the yarn turned out beautifully! you should be pleased with the results.

i hate finishing too. blech. the one thing that pushes me is my distaste for leaving things undone. i have tried to convince my SO that he would enjoy it, but alas, no luck! ah well, a girl can dream.

enjoy the bathroom!

Mary Jane said...

that yarn is Beautiful. I looove the colors. And I'm with you on sewing up. Then I went and designed something that required extra sewing.What was I thinking? Thing is, once its done I think "that wasn't so bad, what was all the fuss about?". The dread is really the worst of it.

Miss Frugality said...

Ahh!A nice long soak makes everything OK!
Your spinning is lovely ...great firey colours!