Saturday, 20 October 2007

Can Karma work backwords?

Doom happened to me this week. On Monday to be precise. I killed my Placed Cable Aran sweater. I had finished a front, a back, two sleeves and knitted the floppy collar on circular needles and then something slipped in my concentration. I sewed the top of the sleeves onto the shoulder parts - twice. Both tries went wrong. Instead of following my instinct and putting the knitting in a bag till the morning, I kept going. The third sleeve attempt went wrong and as I unpicked the sewing I nicked a stitch and it just unraveled from there. I managed to botch the thing so badly that I couldn't see a way for it to be salvaged. There isn't a photo on the blog so you'll just have to look on my Ravelry notebook. I haven't updated the status from WIP to ITB and yes, that does mean In The Bin. I just hope I can find an emoticon that manages to express the sheer waste of time and effort, not to mention bad language that accompanied the demise of the sweater.

So I was wondering about Karma and what I might have done to deserve this and I've come to the conclusion that Karma works on a different timescale to the rest of the world. You see, I didn't do a really bad thing until today, six days later and boy was it bad.

Readers of the Mog archives will know that what other members of the family call the Spare Room ( or Spare Oom, if we happend to live in Narnia ), I refer to as Knitting Headquarters. Actually KHQ only takes up half of what is an obscure attic shaped 8ft by 30ft space. The other half has always been taken up by blankets, bits of tent and other stuff with nowhere else to go. This week it has been transformed into Writing Central for the sole use of Archie the other half. Archie has spent many many hours fixing up an old computer to use in WC and was almost at the point of success when some stupid woman walked over to the plug and switched it off. Right in the middle of rebooting or something equally important. In my defense, for I was that stupid woman, the plug was in an extension with other plugs and I always switch it off at the wall if I need to re-set the broadband thingummy. I was somehow oblivious to the computer wheezing away next to me and that is how it became the second thing I killed this week.

It took many many many more hours and different disc downloadings and frownings and reading the paper while things loaded and wheezed then the computer coughed back to life. Fingers crossed it is still working. And I am very sorry.

I have sworn off knitting for the rest of the week and concentrated on spinning this Jacobs Fleece from Twist Fibre Crafts. It was a little rough so I think it is destined for a felted bag rather than a garment. In the present state of Karma, I think it's the safest option !


Miss Frugality said...

KHQ is looking very tidy!
Sorry about the sad demise of your jumper :-(
Lots of swearing and chocolate might help...but probably won't do much for improving the Karma!

Jacqui said...

how hideously miserable. :( if it is any comfort, we have ALL been there with one project or another (or seven).

i concur that chocolate is in order and perhaps a morale fibre purchase... *e-hug*

more pragmatically, if you still have the sweater, take some pix and email them to me! i recently learned some serious patching tricks to fix my brother's Christmas stocking - handknit by my great grandmother and hapless victim of some sort of caustic wool-eating chemical. perhaps i can think of some sort of emergency surgical repair option...

laura said...

So sorry about your sweater. I looked at your Ravelry pic, it is just heartbreaking.

Your spinning looks absolutely lovely though!

Tom said...

Poor computer - what one is it he is trying to bring to life? Lara just bought a cool black Macbook and she loves it. She is also knitting a scarf.