Saturday, 26 January 2013

On a what?

A boat, that's what. For seven nights only, I will be living on a houseboat. The boat in question is in the middle of Rotterdam which is host ( the city, not the boat, that would be a very small cinema ) to the Rotterdam International Film Festival. I'm attending the World Premiere of Dummy Jim, the film that I knitted jumpers for way back in 2011. Dummy Jim has been nominated for an award at the festival which is something to be very excited about. You can catch a glimpse of me onscreen but I'm certain to be upstaged by my trusty cat companion who managed to sweet talk Matt the director and Ian the cameraman into giving him some screen time as well. 

Birdfeeding in the snow.

We leave tomorrow and till then I have been taking it easy with a little light knitting and a lot of snow watching. We haven't been hard hit this winter, especially compared with other parts of the UK but I have enjoyed watching the light changing as the snow falls.

Chilly view from the attic.

The pus-filled cat is feeling much better, thank you all very much for your concern. He was checked out by the vet this week and all is well. While we are away he will be making the most of his favourite spot on the living room window, right above the radiator. Seems his heat seeking ability was undamaged by the big bite.

Ridiculous beast.


Louisa said...

How exciting for you! I've supplied knits and handspun yarns for a movie or two before (and taught an actor how to spin for a play) but I've never actually been in the film - thank goodness. ;)

Glad the mog is feeling better!

thistledowns wool & cotton said...

yay for a healthy heat-seeking kit!
and your adventure sounds awesome! have fun! pics please. xo

purlewe said...

Oh have so much fun on your trip. I hear houseboat living is FUN! And thanks for the update on the "ridiculous beast." He is a love, isn't he?

mary jane said...


Jani said...

Congratulations, movie star! What an incredible project, hope we get to see it here sometime. Have a wonderful time at the festival.. have you practiced your autograph signing?

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Hope you're having fun! Was the film a winner?