Friday, 17 August 2012

Ten Top Tips for a Smashing Summer Trip.


1. Find travelling companions that you know online and have yet to meet in the real world. It helps if at least one of them is a knitter.

2.  Choose a location that you love and want to share with your new friends.

3. Pray for good weather but remember that God doesn't listen to atheists. Think positive sunny thoughts for back up.

4. Bring tasty food and make sure that the Moonshine that your companions sneaked over in their luggage is packed and ready to blow your socks off.

5. Seek local knowledge about sheep breeds and the phone number of the people who own the Hebridean flock.

6. When prayers for sun are answered, wear a hat and sunscreen and enjoy the bluest of skies.

7. Revel in the serendipity that brought you good weather and a Highland Games all in the same day.

8. Buy beautiful yarn from the local yarn artiste whilst fending off the advances of a small white dog.

9. Admire the wildlife.

10. Take a quiet moment to be grateful for the leap of faith that led you to share your holiday with such lovely people.

Jacqui teaching an Ullapool stallholder how to graft the toe of her sock.

Newly knitted handspun socks with an Assynt backdrop

Hebridean Sheep.
Andrew and Jacqui with the fleeces.

Stoer beach perfecting its impression of the Caribbean.

I have no idea what this sport is called - heavy handbag throwing?

Helen the yarn dyer's dog.


Wild kitten being cuddled by the smartest young person in Sutherland.

An Ullapool sunset.


Lyn said...

oh it sounds and looks wonderful, beautiful photos too.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh wow, you're in one of my favourite parts of the UK. Sounds like a fabulous trip :D