Monday, 12 September 2011

High Winds, Low Energies.

Magnus takes umbrage at the news.

Rainy Glasgow.

Sofa time.
The purple is logwood and the yellow one is eucalyptus leaves.

it is a day for staying on  the sofa. A day much like yesterday and the day before that. Lots of snoozing, gentle knitting and stopping to laugh at Magnus taking his anger out on Channel 4 News. It isn't the weather for leaving the house anyway, there are high wind warnings for our area and the sky is grumpy and damp.

My gentle knitting consists of some handspun that I dyed with logwood a while ago and the few balls remaining from a cardigan that I knitted last year and have inexplicably forgotten to photograph. I'm making a witchy coloured purple and green striped scarf, knitted in stocking stitch so that the ends curl inwards in a tubular fashion. It will be as long as the yarn allows. Soothing and hopefully idiot proof. The sort of knitting to be carried out from a supine position on the sofa while wearing badly matched pajamas and socks that have felted so much that the heel is much closer to the toe than the pattern intended.  I'm going to stay here till teatime listening to the weather and dreaming of warmer days.


Annie said...

Oh my, loving the colours of that yarn! I hope the weather picks up for you soon :D

Luni said...

The high winds here nearly knocked me off my bike yesterday. It's cloudy, it's windy, and I'm not liking the news any better than Magnus. However, I did take my too-felted socks over to my neighbor, who has smaller feet and ankles than me. She was glad to have them in this weather.
I never knew Colorado was so much like Glasgow!

jules said...

Looks like a really lovely spot to spend such a grmpy-weathered day! And goodness, what lovely colours you are getting!

Ellen Mason said...

here's hoping your sofa time reconstitutes your energy - glad you (and the magnus man) were able to kick back.

Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

I've been dreaming of cool wet days spent knitting on the couch with a feline foot-warmer. Fabulous purple yarn!

Lucette said...

I agree with Magnus about the news. Your hand dyed scarf looks so fresh and cheerful--love the colours.

Lyn said...

Not sure how I missed this post!
I think you have the right idea anyhow!