Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For Those in Peril On the Sea - A Hymn to The Fisherman's Mission.

Local Salmon with locally sourced wild mushrooms.
Where it all happens.
Langoustine, one of the area's best catches.

It was the Lochinver RNLI Fun Day on Saturday but we were late arriving and most of the fun had already been packed up.  I managed to buy a book and to dodge the wet stuff  dripping from folks who were raising money by having soggy sponges thrown at them. Dangerous stuff water,  as the people of this area know all too well.  For many years there was a Fishermans' Mission supporting the town and that building has now been transformed into a community venture with a bunkhouse and the most wonderful cafe.  I'll be coming back very soon and next time I'm having chips!


jules said...

Sounds like a very worthy cause and absolutely your duty to get up there and eat some chips very soon ; )


Jane said...

now I'm hungry!