Monday, 9 May 2011

Why one of these photos is a bit blurry.

Knit a fish for the fish exchange.

Show fish to cat.

Lose all control of fish.

Return to house and nurse scars.



purlewe said...

Please take care of your scars.. but know you made my whole morning full of laughter.

deirdre said...

beautiful !


Cassandra said...

One of the best things about cats is how just plain catty they are. Unapologetically cliche-ridden.

zippiknits said...

That's a great little fish toy, it IS a fish to for Magnus, right? This really made me smile and miss my Kitty, who looked a lot like Magnus.

Lyn said...

he he! guess he either liked or disliked said fish but it made me giggle! Hope you have recovered (and the fish!)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Your cat must have been very proud of himself for catching that big colorful fish! What a great hunter he is!