Saturday, 12 March 2011

Off on a Spree

Magnus can tell that something is up. There are piles to be sorted and passports to be located.  You see,  I'm off on a spree, visiting an old friend in Boston and then meeting up with Mary Jane for a mini road trip and some serious knitting time.  Although I can't wait to go, I do have some questions:

 1. Can you ever take too much knitting on holiday?

2. Am I being paranoid to want to take pictures of my socks before I go in case they get lost over the Atlantic and I have to claim BIG on the insurance?

3. Could I put my socks in my hand luggage? All of them? Where would I put my books, my wallet, my passport?

4. Why is the cat sitting on my travel insurance documents? What does he know about the risk to my socks?

5. Where is my passport?


inkberryblue said...

What a gorgeous array of socks!!!
I think Magnus just doesn't want you to go...
Bon voyage ~ your holiday sounds like it's going to be wonderful. =)

Lucette said...

you are going to have a great time. take lots of photos.

Heather said...

Have a wonderful trip! I'd be more worried about the socks too. A wallet can be replaced, but custom knit socks??

Your wash-line picture should be the cover of a knitting book, btw.

Julia said...

Love that picture of your socks.Hope they stay safe! Hope you find the passport and have a brilliant time :-)

Lyn said...

Oh have a lovely trip, you and your sock!
Take lots of photos and show us when you get back.

wordtapestry said...

Have a great trip! Boston is a great deal of fun. And if you're in the mood for real rusticating, check out Maine. There's a lot of fun to be had here in the States.

Jules said...

Wonderful! Give MJ a cuddle for me and save some room in your backpack for a project started over there with some US yarn... always nice!

Luni said...

Wonderful! The trip and the socks, that is. Hope you have lovely weather and a lovely time.

Cindy G said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Laura said...

Answers in order:
1) No.
2) No.
3) Yes and in luggage and pockets
4) He's jealous, and nothing.
5) Can't help you there.

Have a wonderful time - traveling seems to be such fun (for other people - I'm too much of a homebody)!

woolydaisy said...

have a fabulous trip!!! may i have your permission to post the picture of your socks on my blog? (and link it to you of course) once again you have a photo that really makes me smile:)

Karin said...

yay! You came, I saw you, we bought yarn, we had a blast. :)

Birdsong said...

Beautiful photos! My neighbor Stephanie (Wooly Daisy) sent me to take a look... wishing you a safe journey and no lost socks.

zippiknits said...

Hope that you and the socks all made it to the same spot and in good time. It was a very wonderful mystery story about "What Magnus Thought". He really wanted to be packed with your hand luggage, yes?

Have fun on your vacation!