Friday, 18 February 2011

Quick! Catch Up.

I am horribly behind with the blog. Things happen and I make a mental note to write about them here and then the mental note disappears along with the memory of whatever it was inspired me to make a mental note in the first place. Thank goodness I take pictures.

Here are a few of them. I promise to have something interesting to say next time.

I remembered something! I remembered how confused everyone was when I listed the Spug on my birdcount. Thankfully I took a photograph of the elusive bird.


Lyn said...

we don't get many spugs in our garden!

mary jane said...

poor barbie look alike...just saw a stephen jones hat made with her legs!

wordtapestry said...

Spug doesn't show up in my Sibley's Guide (North American birds, of course). Will need to research. Our bird watch days went badly, due to gale force winds.
I haven't had the heart to submit "none" unless you count the song sparrows you could hear in the eaves.