Monday, 23 August 2010

So many stories to tell.

Almost a month since I posted, I can hardly believe it. So many good things have happened that I will take a couple of posts to cover them all rather than bombard the internet with a mammoth tale all at once.

First to appear was Mary Jane Mucklestone, all the way from Maine and en route to Knit Camp via Shetland.  We are old friends from the internet but this was our first meeting in real life.  Thankfully we really did like each other and spent too short a time knitting, talking, eating the local delicacies and hanging out with Magnus.

Then it was off to Bridge of Allan to stay with a friend who has the most lovely house. Helene had kindly offered to put me up while Knit Camp was on in nearby Stirling.  Helene is very interested in ironmongers and has a website devoted to them. If you have a story to tell about your local ironmonger, wherever in the world,  please get on to the website to share your tale.

By the way, the two lovely portraits of Mary Jane and Helene were taken by  Lena Karlsson from Stockholm. More about her in another post!


inkberryblue said...

I really enjoy meeting blog friends; it's intriguing, they're never quite what I expect but, happily, I've found that the friendships extend comfortably into real life.

Your sitting room looks really cosy, by the way!

Lyn said...

Its fun meetig up with bloggy friends and like minded people. Can't wait for the next installment!

mary jane said...

mmmmm...I am so hungry for smokies!

you are so ahead of me posting. I fear mine shall be a bombardment. All about the wonderful time spent with you! xo