Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring Fever and Sashiko.

I don't care when the official start date of Spring is meant to be, as far as I am concerned, Spring sprung this week. Two days in a row I was able to sit on the bench in the garden without the aid of a balaclava. At one point I removed my jumper and there were only two layers between me and the elements. Strange time of year, it was warm with a hint of freezing. I supervised the gardener at his pruning and Magnus supervised the pruned branches as they fell.

Monday saw me in Glasgow at the Collins Gallery for a marvelous Sashiko workshop led by Sara Keith. There were many interesting people there including fellow blogger Hazel/The Art Room Plant. The workshop was a lesson in the beauty and complexity of very simple stitching. I was reminded once again that there are times when it pays to slow down and be precise. Thankfully there was a sunny bench this week where I could sit and practice being meticulous.

And if meticulous lets you down, you can always make the failed project into a stunning cat toy which will be sniffed at once and then left hanging on the side of a chair.


Anonymous said...

OH OH OH, a Sashiko WORKSHOP!!! So jealous! Love the red thread!

purlewe said...

ah, but woe to you if you remove that cat toy.. b'c what was so dainfully discarded suddenly turns into interest.. and then you haven't the heart to throw it away. (says the woman who went to throw an old discard cat toy yesterday and was thwarted by kitty paws.)

Lucie said...

I have been fascinated with sashiko for a while and find that a workshop is the ideal way to start. Your work is so colourful, and can't wait to see how it turns out. Oh and I am envious of your crocuses.