Sunday, 14 February 2010

Curtains, why bother?

I've never liked curtains. Not for me the the big fully lined blackout that keeps a room in darkness till noon. I want to know that the light is changing and to lift my head, half-awake and catch the dawn as it breaks. Or, as happened in my teenage bedroom, to lie on the mattress* on the floor and watch as the ceiling changed colour, reflecting of the flare from the local Gas Plant.

It all went horribly wrong when I moved to Glasgow and lived in a flat on a busy road. I continued my no-curtain policy till one day I wandered into my room naked from a shower. A movement from across the road caught my eye. In the window opposite, stood a group of young men waving enthusiastically. The curtains went up that same day. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, a few weeks later I told the tale while having a drink in my local pub. A young man at the table leaned over saying: " So that was you ! " He had been one of the window enthusiasts.

I may be softening though, last week saw us back in Glasgow shopping for the things you need after a bathroom and a living room have been decorated. I wasn't convinced that we needed a blind for the bathroom, after all we are one floor up and have frosted glass. Then I found the most beautiful blind ever - a Lucienne Day design in perfect colours. It has been purchased and placed with great care in our loo and I find myself wandering in every now and then just for a look.

In other news Kat was the winner of my pick a picture competition. My mother very kindly drew the winning name from a paper bag yesterday. Let me know what picture you would like.

* Not that I was was forced to sleep on a mattess due to parental cruelty. I was sixteen and thought I was being cool.


tattie-bogle said...

Can I ask where you found the blinds? They are beautiful.

Julia said...

That beautiful design was my no1 choice for our living room wall. Robb preferred another...luckily in the end we found something which pleased us both.
BTW Visiting galleries in Glasgow sounds like excellent nourishment for the soul :-)

Beatriz said...

What a great curtain/shower story...hopefully now you can look back and laugh.


Lovely story about the shower, no curtains but men :)
Enjoy your beautiful blind!

Cindy G said...

Big Grin!
And isn't it nice to have something you love looking at in your daily surroundings.

Knittin' Pigeon said...

Beautiful shade. But, oh my on the shower story. I think I'd be doubly protective of my curtains after that. But what a laugh it was for us. :)

TD wool design said...

love your choice! great colors there! funny story ;)

nicantsoair said...

Oh the memories....! I agree with you about light but that Day fabric is totally beautiful. All looks lovely. Magnus will adjust!

kat said...

love the print for your new curtain...and thanks for the funny story ...i think that same thing happened to me! ha ha, never again!

and of course, i'm thrilled to have won the contest!!!