Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pick a favourite picture

First of all, thank you all very much for the catty good wishes. Magnus is extremely well indeed and was last seen in the middle of a tree helping Archie fill the birdfeeders. ( It is still dark here which explains the rather poor quality image. )

Talking of images, I'd like to offer one of mine. I was looking at Craft Hope this morning and all the items that have been donated by the kindness of the craft community to support the people of Haiti. It got me thinking that I'd like to offer something. Then I looked around a house filled with dust, bathroom renovations and badly shaved cats and realised that there was no way I would be able to sort anything out before the deadline for donations.

So I have come up with an alternative plan. A competition. I would like to invite blog readers to donate to MSF or the DEC or any other charity supporting the work in Haiti and to leave a comment letting me know that you have donated. I don't need to know how much and will take it on trust that a donation has been made. If you have already given, then that will still count although if you would like to donate again then feel free.

There are many designers on Ravelry who are donating profits from pattern sales this month and that would be a great way to support independent designers and make a donation at the same time. Here is just one example - Ysolda Teague

I'll leave the comments open until the end of the month and will then randomly pick a winner.
The winner will in turn be asked to pick a favourite image from the blog, or my Flickr pages and I will get a print made and sent off. I hope that all makes sense - bathroom up-doings aren't very good for the concentration.


diermot said...

Is the ladder there to help Magnus reach his perch or to get back down again?

Cindy G said...

We donated to Doctors Without Borders. I was going to say that no prize needed, it's a prize to be able to give.

But what the heck, your pictures are so lovely - through my hat into the ring.

And I'm so glad to see Magnus "up" to his old tricks.

Cindy G said...

I mean "throw" my hat. Aargh.

Jacqui said...

what a spectacular idea!

i second everything Cindy said. i have signed up to DWB as a recurring monthly donor (they call it a Field Partner). i am lucky to have resources enough to donate, but i certainly would not turn down a print of one of your lovely photos.

my Elise sends Magnus her very best wishes for a successful bird eating, oops- she says she meant feeding. :)

Emily said...

I'm new to your blog - but enhjoying it. I've just found you via various elderly Ravelry threads where I liked what you wrote, looked at your projects and like dthem too!

And I have donated to MSF.

Karin said...

Hi Jen,
you are a lovely person to be offering this. I donated to DWB. Same as Cindy G, no prize needed, but I will humbly accept your kind offer.

cofourcade said...

Hi :)

I am a new designer. I will donate 50% of my pattern sales all through January to Médecins sans Frontières. Here's my Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/corinnes-knits
And my blog: http://corinnesknits.wordpress.com/


Jennifer said...
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tattie-bogle said...

What a generous idea. As others have said, no prize neccessary, and yet I have my fingers crossed I'm lucky as your photos are all so lovely.

The Brown household have donated to Unicef.

kat said...

that's very nice of you! i've been meaning to buy a pattern that donates proceeds to msf, so now i have...(!)