Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The peanut that tasted like Halloween.

I ate a peanut this week and was immediately reminded of the taste of the nuts that we would eat from their shells on Halloween evening as we wandered around the neighbourhood. Scottish kids of my generation didn't know anything about the dangerous sounding Trick or Treat activities of children across the pond. We went guising instead and tried the patience of those we visited with half remembered rhymes and bad Knock Knock jokes.

I have a terrible memory for dates, names, places but give me a taste or a smell and I'm transported to another time. And if that wasn't Proustian enough, on Saturday I made madeleines.


Cindy G said...

Love the lemon and eggshell still life - from the Madelines?

Enjoyed the link. I think it would be harder to hollow out a turnip than a pumpkin, though much less messy.

supersammy said...

Im sure we used to go guising together, dread to think of the costumes, teehh heeee. Don't think the megga high heeled boots were around at that time!!! I'm sure there were a few dodgy knitted jumpers!!!