Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sewing is dangerous.

I've been trying to coax my grandmother's old sewing machine out of retirement but after days of fiddling around I have decided that it is beyond me. Some essential parts are broken and if I knew more about sewing machines I might be able to work around them but as a novice, I fear it may be time to give up and buy a new one.

Not that I haven't had fun trying. I made a bag out of a lovely old apron that I bought from a charity shop and it is now the holding bay for socks awaiting handwashing. And this lovely pin cushion rectangle that should have been a square had I followed the directions properly. I've been trying to improve on my hand sewing too with the result that I now have about four squares of crazy patchwork that I don't know what to do with. Maybe when my new sewing machine arrives I'll have learned enough to make them into some semblance of a quilt.

Its dangerous stuff this sewing. I've kitted myself out with a special quilters' ruler, a cutting mat and a rotary cutter. I was warned to be very careful of the rotary cutter on account of the deadly accuracy of the blade. No-one warned me to be careful of the packaging and I still managed to cut myself - on the box.


Julia said...

I love what you've made! At least you didn't sew through your finger ,as I did the other week!
...if you don't mind the mess (Living room very dust and still waiting to be plastered)come down for a visit.It would be great to see you.

Bonnypurr said...

OOh, getting a new sewing machine - nice - what kind are you getting?

Karin said...

Ouch! Do be careful next time, will you?
If you can sew like this with a broken machine and by hand, I can't wait to see what you come up with when you get a new machine!

zippiknits said...

Save that lovely old machine. I bet it's just something very simple that's wrong with it.

As usual, your stuff shows a real talent and eye for color. Enjoy sewing, I find it comforting, like knitting.