Thursday, 16 July 2009

The sky and the stars.

I've been knitting my first real lace project - Gossamer Stars, a scarf by Kat Coyle. It is a beautiful pattern, complicated but not too much for the average brain and with lots of little knit one row or purl one row rest stops along the way. You can tell that I haven't worked out how to follow the chart yet. Everywhere I look now I'm seeing stars like this little pile of home grown rasps, or the fallen yellow flowers that I saw on the pavement yesterday on the one day in history I was without my camera.

I've been impressed by the sky too this week. Blue, black, grey, with many different cloud combinations and the inevitable rain that follows. Yesterday Magnus and I sat on the top step watching the sky darken and waiting for the thunder to begin. There was one magical moment of silence when even the birds stopped singing and then the crashing and pouring began. Time to retreat inside and continue knitting the stars.


Cindy G said...

Ooh the scarf is going to be so pretty. Is that your own homespun?

kat said...

your photos are so lovely and poetic, and that yarn, it takes my breath away

Karin said...

When I first saw your written-out pattern, I thought it was sheet music.
Which is exactly how I look at charts.
That shawl is going to be gorgeous.
We've been having that kind of sky, and some intermittent raspberries, too!

wooly daisy said...

what a beautiful sky-i get so sick of blue skies-everyday for 6 months gets old. those rasps look fab-they are my fav. berry!!!!!

your lace is gorgeous!!!!!yum!
what yarn? handspun?