Saturday, 16 May 2009

Good things versus bad things

It's ME/CFIDS Awareness Week ( actually I'm late, it was last week) and it made me think that it was about time I came out of the ME closet and confess to being one of the many people who have the condition.

So, I wrote a long and rambly post outlining the whys and wherefores that led me to develop ME (never trust the Varicella - Zoster virus ) and what rotten things had happened as a result. I wrote about losing the ability to enjoy reading books, being unable to work, having limited or no concentration span, about needing to use a walking stick on dizzy days. I wrote about being let down by a body and mind I can no longer rely on to do what it's told and about the exhaustion that is so great that there are days when the effort of just existing seems too much like hard work.

I thought about it for the week and decided that it really wasn't what I wanted to write about. The blog is my way of celebrating the good stuff and although I have a truly frustrating and limiting illness, the very presence of that set of limits allows me to slow down and take stock of what is in my life and I'm grateful for that. That doesn't make me Pollyanna believe me, there are tears, extreme grumpiness and a tendency to gloom when things are tough. The good stuff, however, is jolly good indeed.

So, in the spirit of the Mog blog, I offer you this week's activities. Some rhubarb donated by Sandy and Anne transformed into Rhubard and Ginger Jam, a hank of yarn hand-dyed and a mouse overseeing a shelf of ribbons. Like I said, the good stuff is good.


Heather said...

I am glad it was a good day so you could share. Great photos and thanks for the links. My aunt suffers ME and my cousin suffers MS. The immune and nervous systems are such fragile and fickle things. I hope your good days out number the bad.

Lyn said...

I think the yarn should be called rhubarb colour because it matches it perfectly!

kleinzonnetje said...

I know where you're coming from - I've faced that particular battle too. Hope the good days get better and more

Cindy G said...

Hugs. And thanks for sharing the information link, and for so often sharing the good stuff.

Orinda5 said...

Your blog is always so positive, I had no idea. Thank you for sharing.

I agree, the good stuff is good!

Knittah said...

Right there with you, friend. Oh and mmmmm, rhubarb!

nicantsoair said...


soxchik said...

I love your positive thinking. You are the best!

diermot said...

I sense rhubarb and ginger jam on its way. Goody!

Painful to read, but at the same time, uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Hugs from across the Pond.
(And jealousy for your photo skills... wish I was that good.)

wooly daisy said...

thanks for being brave and sharing with us about all aspects of your life. thinking of you and sending you the vibe of a bowl of cherries. so glad you can see the good thru it all. love your honesty.

wooly daisy said...

p.s. i think rhubarb is one of the most beautiful plants! the colors-are so comfy!!!! my boy just made apple rhubarb crisp this weekend.

gee-i think i need to grow some!!!!

Mary Jane said...

Oh my dear, who would ever know from these pages what a struggle you have? You always inspire me with your good cheer, fearless tackling of new skills, your culinary, gardening and especially photography skills...and now I am in awe... As those above have said, may your good days outnumber the bad by a landslide.

All my best you brave strong talented woman.

Karin said...

I am and will forever be amazed at your writing skills, knitting skills, cooking, baking, spinning, photography skills. Thank you for sharing your good days because they are incredibly good and very inspiring. (During bad days, imagine me sitting quietly by your side or helping you out.)

inkberryblue said...

I'm sorry.
I followed your link and read a little about ME ~ what a hard illness to live with.
I love your blog, especially your gentle, wry humour.
Hooray for celebrating the good stuff!
(You are courageous.)

casey said...

Like just about everyone else, I had no idea you struggled with health issues like you do. Kudos to you for being able to see the bright sides of life, and maintain such positivity in the face of problems that would beat down a lesser person. In other words, you rock. And hello, that yarn is gorgeous.

The interesting thing is that, as I was reading this, my intent on commenting was to share my own struggle with chronic illness - I have a severe case of IBS, which has, in 2 different occasions in the past decade, rendered me housebound and unable to work/function for over a year at a time. Then I clicked that link, read the symptoms of ME, and was really alarmed at how many of them I have - I recently developed the numbness and dizzy/faint spells, and assumed they were a side effect of my anxiety meds, but now I'm not so sure, just because I have so much of the other stuff going on (fatigue, IBS, depression, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sound, and so on). So the bottom line of all this rambling is this: thank you for the information. I think I need to talk to my doctor and stop glossing over these "weird little symptoms" I have.

sugarcreekstuff said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading, so sorry I'm late.
Sending positive thoughts and squeezes from America.

a friend to knit with said...

well, if i was a good writer i would have said exactly what mary jane said.
big hugs.