Thursday, 12 February 2009

A little humility.

I've had such lovely things said about my photographs recently that I am in serious danger of getting a swollen head. In order to reduce the swelling, I thought I'd share what happens when pictures go wrong......

In other news, it snew! Finally my legwarmers are going to get some use, at least they will if we can ever make it down the steps. Today is a good day to settle in with some tea and a pair of needles. My knitting for Botswana has made it as far as America, to Knittah's house and I'm very glad to see it arrive.


TD wool design said...

oh, what's wrong with this photo?

clearly you were wrong not to include him *wink*.

staying in sounds heavenly.
i love your leg warmers. they are on my list. my oldest beagn a pair for herself, but, as things go with teens, they are nowhere near completion.

soxchik said...

I am loving your legwarmers too. I wear mine the same way, under the pajamas. You are so stylin!

Cindy G said...

A picture with Magnus is never wrong ;)

zippiknits said...

Yew got Snew?

hahahaha! You cheer me up like Always and Forever! Thanks!

Now now, you are very good with that "picture box" as it once was called. Let the head swell a little bit.. hugs!