Saturday, 8 November 2008

10 Things I Like About You.

So, we survived the flying and the jet lag.  Immigration was slightly tricky as there had been some mix up with another ticket belonging to someone with a name similar to mine. This meant a visit to the Scary Immigration Office.  Luckily I passed and then made it through Customs without having my tin of shortbread confiscated.

Here are some first impressions:

1. Blue skies - lots of.
2. People in Oakland, especially women will smile in your direction if you catch their eye.
3. Blue Jays.
4. Hummingbirds.
5.  Raw food smoothies at Cafe Gratitude.
6. Post Halloween pumpkins still on porches.
7. Many bookshops.
8. At least one yarn store in walking distance.
9. A lovely light filled apartment.
10. So much good coffee I might never sleep again.

Best of all, we get to hang out with Tom and Lara!


wordtapestry said...

Enjoy your trip! Wish I could stop by and say "hi," and enjoy a cup of joe.

Knittah said...

With ya on everything but the smoothies!

Cindy G said...

Oh I do love your first picture best of all - though the blue skies look mighty nice, too, from here in rainy, sleety Wisconsin.

TD wool design said...

sounds like you had a nice time. and the weather...from your photos it looked wonderful. immigration - eewww.

Karin said...

Oh I am so glad you get to be in California.
If you were here on the East Coast, not so much light and blue sky!

Mary Jane said...

Beautiful pictures!

a friend to knit with said...

so great.
i love northern california best.
gorgeous photos.