Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm in!

Colin the joiner came today for the beginning of a week of banging and crashing. He and his accomplice are fitting new hyper warm windows, making a door and building a cupboard. There will be a lot of dust, flying glass and hanging around.

What did I think was the best plan to survive this? Knit a sock.

Then I checked out Lolly's blog and was reminded that it will soon be Sockoberfest. Last October I couldn't knit hold four needles at once, but this year I have moved on as a knitter and socks count as stress relief. Blimey, that's progress. Today I knitted half a sock and it's still only September!


Miss Frugality said...

You are having a new cupboard built...will it be filled with wool?
I'm hoping to be in that happy place- a knitter of socks for stress relief, by this time next year...that's if I ever start sock no 2!

Mary Jane said...

I joined too but I'm suck a slacker, I join and slack!

a friend to knit with said...

i think i need a push to knit socks.
maybe this is it.

Cindy G said...

New hyper-warm windows sound rather lovely. Oh, and yay socks!